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Accomplish Seamless Delivery and Integration! 

A continuous delivery platform from Microsoft, Azure DevOps provides an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for the development and deployment of software. With DevOps Azure, you have the flexibility to work with various languages that run on different platforms. By providing a broad spectrum of services and integrating with the CI/CD pipeline, it facilitates a complete development cycle.

By facilitating continuous delivery and continuous integration, it helps you deliver the product faster. Azure DevOps helps you become business-ready irrespective of the cloud, language, or platform. The flexibility it offers is rare. With it, you can leverage various third-party tools through which you can integrate, provision, and manage your infrastructure more effectively.

This is the reason why most companies have migrated or are planning to migrate from AWS to Azure, forget about on-premise to Azure migration. Sooner or later, they anyway had to migrate the on-premise server to Azure

Why DevOps Azure?


Leverage the comprehensive Azure DevOps services offered by LogicEra and deliver applications at the pace you wanted!

Moving to Continuous Delivery can help you realize resilient systems, better throughput, and, of course, faster time to market. We help you create synchronization in cloud operations by helping you drive a culture based on “Everything as Code”.

Having spent more than a decade in cloud computing and DevOps consulting, we know what DevOps processes are to be incorporated into the organizations and which tools to be used. We never rely on obsolete tools.

We accelerate your products’ time to market by automating your cloud infrastructure and practices while safeguarding continuous delivery & continuous integration. In short, we help you in not only creating a feature-rich product but also in bringing it to the market at a low cost and in a lower time frame.

The Best Part!

LogicEra is an official trusted partners of Azure, which is the Microsoft cloud solution platform. The Azure Gold Partner not only provides DevOps Azure services, but also Azure cloud services that include Azure database migration service, Azure migration services, Azure support services, and much more. The Azure service offered by LogicEra is renowned in the UAE and the UK for the freedom it offers to businesses.

Our managed services provider makes cloud migration for Azure happen at a significantly faster rate. If you are looking for only Azure data migration service, the good news is LogicEra also provides specifically database migration service for Azure. As far as our DevOps and Agile services are concerned, the DevOps CICD practices followed by us help have a more agile development. So, if you are thinking of DevOps Azure, think LogicEra.
We help you evolve rather than simply transform.

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