Proof of Concept (POC).

De-risking Your Cloud Investment!

By providing businesses of all sizes with agility, scalability, and most importantly the freedom that they needed to grow, cloud computing is driving
success for many organizations. Though almost every organization wants to capitalize on the innumerable benefits of the cloud, it could be an intimidating task to begin a large-scale cloud project, for while it involves huge cost commitment, the outcome may not be certain.

This is why Cloud Experts always recommend having a Proof of Concept (POC) as that can offer a substantial value to your organization. The Azure POC by LogicEra helps you assess Azure by implementing it partially on small scale or evaluate a particular area you wish to. In a collaborative endeavor for building the POC for the cloud, we make sure that your inputs and our experts work in sync.

The Proof of Concept for the cloud migration work as the business case that can be used for not only gaining company buy-in but also for minimizing
cost, time, and, of course, the risk. In short, providing the right insights into cloud migration will help you make well-informed decisions before you initiate a large-scale cloud migration.

The Azure POC by LogicEra.

Any organization would want to empower its IT department and experience improved productivity, greater efficiency, and, of course, innovation. Azure proof of concept (POC) by LogicEra not only allows you to create different tools, applications, frameworks, and integrations but also thoroughly tests them before you implement them in your organization. The Azure POC helps you get rid of the issues if any and provides you with the best possible solution for your every requirement.

4 Key Benefits of the Azure POC by LogicEra.

#1: Works as a Business Case
By demonstrating the business benefits of Azure to the board and directors, the POC for the Azure cloud helps in gaining staff buy-in.

#2: Minimizes Risk
Through the Azure POC, you don’t even require to implement a full-scale project and you can test your requirements and objectives on a well-defined area. The POC tips you off whether to begin a project or not. It gives you ample insights to make well-informed and validated decisions.

#3: Minimizes Cost
Before you commit to a huge upfront project cost, you must have some idea about the potential outcome of the project. The POC for the Azure cloud helps you determine whether the project will go well with your organization or not.

#4: Offers Concrete Benefits
An Azure POC is far more helpful than even the all-embracing documentation or discussions as it helps you see Azure in action. Through it, our clients can experience the functioning of Azure and what it will appear for their organization. Once the POC is complete, clients can have the real, operational
setup with their information and data so that they could review it themselves.

LogicEra has a demonstrated history of helping clients with varied areas of Microsoft Azure, based on their needs and goals. The POCs we have worked on to date have helped us provide the best experience to each of our clients, and happy clients are what our motive is.

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