Getting to the cloud is the past…It is Innovate with the Cloud Now!

Businesses have already come out of their comfort zones and discarding their legacy IT infrastructure to leverage the power of the cloud. They had to anyway if they wanted to get digitally transformed and survive the disruption caused by the rapidly evolving technological landscape. However, now they are turning to cloud migration companies for a more secure, cost-effective, advanced, seamless, and, of course, innovative cloud migration and management.

Studies show that companies that embrace the cloud grow faster than those who do not. Our mission is to help Corporations and SMEs to tackle this evolution head on. We have agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with Microsoft as a Gold Partner.

LogicEra as one of the Leading UAE Cloud Service Providers!

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, and one of the leading UAE cloud service providers, LogicEra celebrates its successful 10 years of helping its clients transform, innovate and excel with the cloud. By helping its clients implement a cloud strategy that is centered towards cost optimization, risk mitigation, and innovation, the cloud migration company ensures that each of its clients gets the customized cloud solution they require.

The MSP is renowned for providing ultimate integration and application innovation services. Along with cloud computing, it helps you utilize new technologies like Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, etc.


How LogicEra Makes a Difference?

LogicEra has left no stone unturned in saving its clients from falling prey to the cloud computing loopholes. Whether it is Security, Compliance, DevOps, Automation, or just any other territory of cloud computing, the managed cloud services provider has tried and succeeded in providing the right solution at the right time in the right way. While the MSP helps you have a faster time-to-the-cloud through its tool-based framework, on the one hand, its sharp agile methodologies help you always stay ahead of the curve, on the other.

Never Stay Unattended With LogicEra!

Apart from helping you build & implement a cloud migration strategy that’s based on a regulated, risk-mitigated approach and robust security foundation, the cloud migration company offers 24*7 Support & Monitoring. So, whether it is mid of night or early morning, LogicEra is only a moment away. Perhaps, these are the reasons why people trust this name whether they need database migration services, legacy modernization, or holistic cloud migration.


Khurram Nazir - EFS CTO
“It was challenging to migrate whole Oracle -JDE setup from SPARC to Azure platform where many failed, but LogicEra delivered way ahead of time and within budget with excellent support to ensure success of the project”
Khurram Nazeer, EFS Facilities Services
“Successful deployment of CI/CD Pipeline for our approximately 16 applications those belong to e-procurement platform along with the Azure Datacenter Migration has given us competitive edge by increasing our efficiency 30% within the same cost”
Henrik Hyldahn - CIO, ShipServ UK Ltd




Corporations and SMEs trust us to maximize their success. Our passion helps them migrate their IT infrastructure to the Cloud. We make them efficient and cost-effective resulting in greater revenue and higher client success.


How technology is saving lives & restoring health

In response to a spike in malaria cases, Medical Teams International migrated patient data to the cloud, where they were able to analyze information in real time and alert residents of a possible malaria outbreak. With this advanced notice, residents could take preventative measures, curbing the outbreak. Modern cloud infrastructure is enabling businesses all over the world to transform industries and make a difference. Wherever you are in your cloud migration journey, we can help. Contact us to learn more.



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