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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 25, 2022
How Does Cloud Migration Help Government Entities: Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra!

Welcome to yet another post from our weekly series, which is usually based on how cloud computing helps different verticals in meeting industry-specific challenges and emerging as the winner of the time. In...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 23, 2022
Read These Before You Deploy a Network Virtual Appliance (Part I)

Planning to deploy a network virtual appliance (NVA)? Well! That’s a great step if you want to simplify your cloud migration, enhance the availability of your cloud applications, have a secure network boundary...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 21, 2022
Pros and Cons of Cloud Migration

80% of lookouts for any service leads to on demand, pay as you go or X as a service. The present we revel in is where everything comes to us with a click. Cab::Careem, Food::Zomato, Groceries...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 19, 2022
How technology is saving lives & restoring health

Health care and life sciences are fast paced and competitive industries. They hold the perfect opportunity to leverage cloud and work faster and smarter, improve diagnostics and patient outcomes, with the...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 17, 2022
Moving to the Cloud: Learn why these 5 Small Business Owners did it

Small businesses are moving to the cloud in dramatically increasing numbers. According to Gartner, the market for public cloud, which tends to be the best option for most small businesses, will increase by 17.3...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 15, 2022
Why Azure is a Great Cloud Destination for Oracle Applications

Microsoft and Oracle together enables the user to migrate and run critical workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle cloud infrastructure, seamlessly. In this article we’ll cover...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 13, 2022
The Rise of Cloud Computing in the UAE

The past decade has witnessed an exponential increase in the use of cloud computing in the UAE region and this growth is seeing an upward trend in the present too. Almost every sector in the UAE is...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 11, 2022
Small Business? Why Move to the Cloud amid pandemic.

Coronavirus or the novel covid19 has forced a lot of businesses to change their business models, has accelerated the digital transformation – faster than ever and made users accept the ‘new digital reality...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 09, 2022
4 Testing Conditions to Ensure a Successful Cloud Migration Journey

The decision to migrate to the cloud is critical and depends on various factors and infrastructure requirements. We’ve listed the details on cloud migration in our last article. In this article we’ll cover the...

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cloud-it-services-in-dubai October 07, 2022
How Does Cloud Migration help your Logistics Business : Migrate to Cloud with LogicEra

Logistic innovators look forward to getting rid of the rigid legacy on-prem applications and adapt a modern, flexible, end-to-end solution that matches the fast pace and the dynamics of the business...

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