ShipServe Case Study Image

ShipServ is the world’s leading e-Procurement platform for the marine industry, and was founded in 1999.
They help shipowners and ship managers to find the best suppliers easily, trade efficiently and build trusted relationships.


ShipServ as a e-procurement platform serving both ship operators and suppliers. A deeper analysis into theexisting technical landscape highlighted the platform’s lack of ability to react to market demands in real time. The root cause of the problem was the misalignment of the various technologies, requiring updates in various isolated systems in order to deliver a single objective.


While staying a step ahead on the product side, technical solution and architecture lacked the policies surrounding the Software Development Life Cycle and strict coding standards, this resulted in frequent outages and rollbacks.

To overcome the challenges and stay competitive in the market. Our team of experts revamped the CI/CD pipeline and the whole DevOps mechanism to enhance the focus on technical solution architecture in order to serve the clients best as per the resources on hand.