What We Do.

Distinguished Cloud Migration Services Intertwined with Innovation!

We at LogicEra provide diverse services for your distinctive needs that mainly include Cloud Migration, DevOps, Oracle on Azure, and Managed Services. By following the best practices and utilizing the skills we have gained in the last decade, we as the cloud solutions provider take away all your hassles and help you concentrate on your business bottom line.

“In short, what we do is help you succeed in what you do!”


Experience the most seamless and secured cloud migration!

Settling on the right cloud platform and accomplishing your cloud migration could be a complex undertaking. Collaborating with us will help you seamlessly and securely migrate to the cloud while avoiding the common pitfalls and accelerating your ROI.

Certified cloud migration consultants at LogicEra, first of all, carry out an all-inclusive assessment of your IT infrastructure and business goals. After which they build a tailor-made cloud migration strategy designed to accomplish those goals. They follow the most secured path to the cloud while handling the migration of your workloads and applications to minimalize downtime, disruption, or business risks if any. After a successful migration, the LogicEra team of experts can provide you with Post-migration optimization services as well.

We migrate your business to the cloud by deploying cloud products and services for market outreach, and digital transformation to make your business cloud-based and customer-centric.

  • Planning migration strategy
  • Cloud platform certified engineers
  • Post-migration optimization
  • DevOps automation and management
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Accomplish Continuous DevOps Delivery and Integration!

Moving to Continuous Delivery can help you realize resilient systems, better throughput, and, of course, faster time to market. We help you create synchronization in cloud operations by helping you drive a culture based on “Everything as Code”.
Having spent more than a decade in cloud computing and DevOps consulting, we know what DevOps processes are to be incorporated into the organizations and which tools to be used. We never rely on obsolete tools.
We accelerate your products’ time to market by automating your cloud infrastructure and practices while safeguarding continuous delivery & continuous integration. In short, we help you in not only creating a feature-rich product but also in bringing it to the market at a low cost and in a lower timeframe.

We integrate your DevOps team via the adoption of cloud-native tech to streamline business processes and automate workloads. We offer fast, secure and flexible enterprise adaptability.

  • Efficient results
  • Continuous delivery
  • Reduced complexity
  • Reusable workloads
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Oracle Aces Database Solution and Azure the Cloud. Getting the combination can be the right solution for your IT needs.

Whether it is about migrating and running the mission-critical enterprise workloads on Azure or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we help you have a swift accomplishment of both.
Being a Microsoft Azure’s Gold Partner, we have helped several organizations in hosting not only the database on Azure or OCI but also the surrounding solutions that help in managing and supporting the deployment, by meeting all the prerequisites. We know almost all the pain points that may occur while lifting and shifting your Oracle database to the Azure cloud. By helping you deal with those pain points, we help you accomplish your Azure for Oracle goals.

We migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud infrastructures. We digitally transform your business processes and workloads to the cloud.

  • Infrastructure flexibility
  • Ample storage
  • High computing resources
  • Oracle application migration
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Innovate, Scale and Excel!

With IT innovation marking its foray now and then, the businesses have to be on their toes. While you can’t let your business continuity be disrupted, new technology solutions and processes keep frequenting the IT industry making your job tough with every preceding second. A disruption even for a fraction of a second might cause you big losses forget about minutes or hours. On top of it, the high competition takes the rest of your peace. Working on innovation and the speed of delivery could be tough while keeping tabs on your IT operations.
Self-managing things could be not only intimidating but expensive too as hiring, upskilling, and maintaining an in-house IT team could cost you a fortune. Moreover, they keep distracting you away from your business bottom-line. This is why perhaps several successful businesses from across the world prefer outsourcing IT services to a Managed Services Provider. The cloud facilities management offered by the MSPs helps you keep your business secured and uninterrupted.
By collaborating with start-ups, enterprises, and digital agencies, we as a Managed Services Provider ensure that you get the best managed IT solutions. Besides, we never leave you unattended and offer 24*7*365 IT support services that are scaled to your business requirements. If you are looking for cloud IT services in Dubai, we provide that too. Our expert cloud engineers in Dubai not only help you with cloud migration but even the maintenance of the cloud that includes cloud cost optimization as well. As we mentioned above, we provide 24*7 cloud support services as well. The cloud IT service that we provide helps you scale your resources cost-effectively making us a leading MSP in Dubai.

We collaborate with enterprises, digital agencies and startups to deliver managed IT services. We offer dedicated, expert and round-the-clock IT support scaled to your business requirements.

  • IT services and support
  • Dubai/London offices
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Cost-effective scalability
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Corporations and SMEs trust us to maximize their success. Our passion helps them migrate their IT infrastructure to the Cloud. We make them efficient and cost-effective resulting in greater revenue and higher client success.