Why Azure is a Great Cloud Destination for Oracle Applications

Microsoft and Oracle together enables the user to migrate and run critical workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle cloud infrastructure, seamlessly. 


Oracle is known for its wide range of database applications and services, which can be set up in Azure cloud. Broadly the benefits of this setup include cloud-based high availability and scalability, Azure backup and recovery, and Azure’s native features for hybrid infrastructure.


Here’s what makes Azure a great destination for cloud applications:


  • Application Support – All Oracle applications are supported and can be run in Azure, including Oracle Retail, PeoplerSoft, E-Business Suite and Weblogic Server. 


  • Availability – Oracle Database can be hosted in multiple availability zones, making them highly available.


  • Scalability – Azure allows to scale storage and compute resources as required to adapt to changing workloads.


  • Flexibility – It allows you to derive insights from your distributed data estate across on-prem, Azure and Oracle cloud infrastructure. Azure supports hybrid infrastructure with Oracle Cloud and with on-premises resources through Azure Stack. This enables you to configure the greatest flexibility for your workloads and data.


  • Backup — you can back up databases directly or use RMAN. Azure also offers the ability to write RMAN backups to blob storage for added loss protection.


  • Recovery –  Azure is compatible with Data Guard, enabling you to set up a failover database for disaster recovery. You can also activate Data Guard Far Sync to ensure that your failover remains consistent with your production database.


  • Technologically Advanced – enables you to take advantage of Azure services and implement AI and IoT for business today. 

When deciding to run Oracle on Azure, there are a variety of prerequisites where LogicEra can help with your Oracle cloud infrastructure, this includes how the database is hosted and surrounding solutions that help in managing and supporting the deployments.


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