EFS Facility Management

EFS Facilities Services is a regional leader in delivering integrated facilities management services across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Turkey. EFS has been accredited for over 19 years in providing quality services to some of the biggest regional names including leading multinationals in the region.

  • EFS Facilities Services
  • Microsoft Azure (Oracle on Azure)
  • Top Class Facilities Management Services
  • Oracle on Azure (JDE)

DataCenter modernization (Microsoft Azure) -EFS Facilities decided to migrate their complete Datacenter from Private Datacenter to Public for the better business continuity and value for the business.

  • Datacenter Migration from Private to Public Cloud
  • Client Expectation was to improve availability of business critical applications within Reasonable TCO.
  • Major part of their work load was, Oracle’s JD Edwards which was hosted on SPARC platform and it’s a major challenge was to either migrate or setup Fresh with Customer’s Data and Application on Oracle Linux on Azure due to major incompatibilities across the platforms.
  • Massive setup of about 800 users, numerous technical challenges from resources on hand to incompatibilities.
  • Microsoft Azure being superior solution, LogicEra managed to convince customer for Microsoft Azure despite of Oracle being very competitive in offering FREE migration to Oracle Cloud.
  • LogicEra Architectures and their knowledge about licensing across Windows & Oracle Platform helped to secure the deal and provide trust and comfortable which customer was seeking to confirm their choice to go Microsoft Azure.

Objectives of the project combined from Customer and LogicEra being Microsoft Azure brand ambassador:

  • Enhanced Performance of Business Applications, better availability with lower TCO.
  • Optimized setup for business to take advantage of powerful computing of Azure, Storage, Applications,

Network & Infrastructure.

  • Project of it’s own kind, Migrating massive legacy of 15 years from SPARC platform to Oracle Linux on

Azure with better TCO, performance and elasticity.

  • Lower TCO, Compute power enhancement, modernized & better control.
  • Despite of the technical challenges of even taking Data out of their Data Center,LogicEra expertise
    delivered well before time .

EFS Current Data Center contract was up within 50 days, Budget wasn’t there to pay Migration and Datacenter both same time so it had to finish before the Private Datacenter Cut off.

  • Oracle’s JD Edwards has three environments DV, PS & Production
  • Database upload to Azure itself not easy since Internet bandwidth very limited at their Current Datacenter , average turn around time 4 days to get the Database which was the major challenge of Golive/cut over

Apart from Oracle’s JD Edwards, there is other Infrastructure and applications to be migrated with Tenant Connected to all business sites with the efficient WAN solution smartly designed by LogicEra Team.

Massive legacy and very short time until we had to exit from their Current Datacenter by migrating their 20+ years legacy to Microsoft Azure Tenant. From Infrastructure to Oracle Systems & Storage everything should work as is today
with better performance and lower TCO.


  • Infrastructure Migration.
  • Platform & Applications on Azure VMs
  • Oracle’ s JD Edwards Fresh setup on Azure by migrating from SPARC to Oracle Linux which includes , Oracle DB, DV Setup & Production along with their all the sub systems. whatever working today should be working on Azure too.
  • WAN Infrastructure
  • Storage and File Servers Modernization


  • Re-Implementation of any application.

Cost, Performance, delivered within the time frame were the major success measures.

  • Lower TCO
  • Delivered within time
  • Better performance and availability of business critical applications like Oracle’s JD Edwards